Hey guys, just wanted to show you a little bit of information on the interposers, and how they could help you. I had a formiculture member ask what these “interposers” are and what they do. So, i've decided to break it down for the rest of you.

First off, the interposer is our version of the Multi-Connection. Most Ant companies make a “4 way” or “T-Connector” and leave it at that. Now, that may work out for making an extra connection, but you’re limited on visibility, and connectivity. The standard multi-connectors that are available also lack one other key element, modularity.

The first goal was to make a multi-connection device that wasnt just a connector. Our little interposers give you everything you’ll need to turn a standard tube into much much more than that. With enough caps to block all but one opening, and tube connectors to do the rest, you’ll be set to go from Starter outworld to ant Highway within a couple simple connections. Our interposers can also be linked up with other interposers to make a sectional feeding grid, or even a nest. That’s right, you can connect as many of these as you want to create a complete living space with outworlds, and nesting space. Each section having its own manageable lid for maintenance. But we didn't just stop there....

Our interposers also utilize the same size connections as all of our other formicaria, 10mm port. This means, all of our parts are interchangeable, and can be used to create one large scale formi. Our Aphid V1 also utilizes the 10mm port, which is a liquid feeder that can be added in to any of our products and create a hydration point. The options with the interposers are almost unlimited when you think about it. Here’s some pictures to show how they work.

(Some are of incomplete interposers just to show how they can be used.)

This is the new Lite Interposer. Features 4 connections, and a smaller box. In the next two pictures, the queen has a brand new test tube hooked up to make her transfer as easy as possible.

This is a detached interposer being used as a starter kit. I use these as mini outworlds for small colonies that arnt quite ready for a large outworld .


Here’s an attached interposer. This option is available in the Build Your Own section.


Interposers can be used to hook multiple items to one unit. I plug these in to the sides of wood formicariums to add more connections and versatility.


So, now that you’ve seen what our version of the “Multi-Connection” tool is, give it a try. It may be a little more expensive than your standard 3-way/4-way, but you won’t be disappointed.