Ant Farm

While humans are very social animals, ants are colonial. Their tiny 22-bit brains are genetically programmed to work as a unit, even at the cost of individual ants and enslaving those from other colonies. Ants might be considered nature's “The Borg”.

Due to their sheer numbers, ants are powerful enough to overpower animals that are far larger than them. The staple of the ant colony and mother of every member is the female queen. She's no damsel though, able lift about 100 times her body weight.

Since there are legal restrictions on shipping queen ants across state borders in the United States, many ant farm enthusiasts like to start a colony by capturing a queen during her nuptial flight.

The prime time to capture a queen ant is during the mating season when they leave the colony and take flight. You might have seen a particularly big ant with wings during spring. One can buy their very own ant farm to watch the ants raise eggs to adults, build their colony, and thrive.

Varieties of Ant Farms

Before you decide to buy an ant farm, think about the type you want to set up. Traditional ant farms generally require a sandy substrate for the ants to build in. Nowadays, there are gel kit farms available that provide a smooth substrate for digging. They are composed of space-age gel that is edible and serves as an apt habitat for the ants.

Live ants the ultimate source of a smooth life for ant

If you are planning to purchase an ant farm, take care to learn what goes into it. Live ants are fascinating and a curiosity for kids; but they can be just as mischievous. When deciding on a species or collecting some from outside, ensure that your ants are large enough so that they cannot escape through the ventilation holes on your farm. Also make it a point that all your ants are from the same colony; otherwise, you may get to watch a civil war unfold.

Choose your ants wisely to set up a spectacular ant farm

Most ants are not large enough to support the wide space of a perfect ant farm. So before deciding to set up an ant farm, one has to choose their ants wisely. Ant and ant farm suppliers are likely to suggest an appropriate species with the equipment you buy. For instance, plain harvester ants are often recommended to build a handsome ant farm.

Feeding technique for ants

Ants are of different sizes and shapes like most other insects. So quite evidently the feeding style and living habits of each ant is unlike the other. However, if you purchase a gel ant farm then you do not have to think twice about preparing food for your ant. Gel ant farms contain all the basic water and nutrients that are necessary for promoting the well-being of your ants and ensuring their health. It is also sugar based that is tempting for the ants and helps in improving their lifespan. Make sure to keep your kit sealed as external influences can spoil the gel atmosphere thus affecting the health of those beautiful little ants.