Unity is strength”—this is one of the most common and most revered quotes in the human world. However, it is practiced religiously only by the ants. They are celebrated symbols of perseverance and dedication on our planet.

Ants evolved along with primitive forms of life and have existed for centuries. They share about 15 to 25 percent of the total biomass on the earth, leaving not even a single ecosystem, except for Antarctica, uninhabited by them. Cooperation and coordination are the keys to their success in the struggle for existence. In addition, ants are social organisms, which owes to their persevering attitude and co-evolution with other species. At times, ants share a mimetic relationship, while at others they act symbiotically as well.

An Ant Farm

An ant farm is a terrarium, similar to an aquarium, in which ants are raised inside a tank in a manufactured environment. Ant farms act as cozy and congenial homes for pet ants. Caring for pet ants is one of the simplest jobs in the world because ants are indeed very less demanding by nature than other pets. Owing to their small size, they need very little care.

Not So Easy

Although it seems that ants are pretty well adjusted and never ask for anything, this is not completely true. Like every other organic entity, ants need an uninterrupted supply of all essential nutrients with just the right amount of water and air. An ant farm is in itself a niche, but it needs perfect maintenance and timely replenishment too. Carbohydrates in any form, like bread crumbs, vegetables, dead insects and even leftovers from your table are apt sources from which these tiny pets can get the right amount of nutrition.

The prominent and indispensable necessity in ant care is to provide ants with an appropriate daily water supply in the safest way possible. Ants often fall prey to grave risks when either there is a scarcity of water or when the supply is in excess. Mold can create havoc for ants, as it gives rise to toxin production in an ant farm. Because of this, it is essential to ensure their water content inside the terrarium never falls below the minimum amount and never crosses the maximum limit.

Moreover, there can also be a hazardous growth of mold on account of any uneaten food inside. In order to tackle this menace, a sound practice of removing all uneaten food just before feeding the ants daily can prove very effective.

Ants share similarities in taste with the other forms of living organisms. Sweets are a must to award them a nice treat. Plain sugar water or honey and even drops of maple syrup can go well for them. Sugar in any form, in turn, makes the ants more active.

Ants Love You Back

Ants can be amazing as pets, and providing ant care can be a rewarding experience. A little love and ant care can make you meet the most helpful buddies in the world. They never complain and they never demand. They are incredible examples of strength, unity and dedication to work.