ant care

Ants are among the oldest little creatures, and they exhibit perfect cooperation and coordination among each other. Ants have settled their colonies in every nook and cranny of the earth. Extremely hard work and a spirit of oneness are truly showcased by ants. This blog post brings you four great benefits of having ants in your garden.

Gardening calls for both scientific observations and artistic treatment for plants. Gardening is nurtured as a wonderful hobby by people living all over the world. Although you can choose among plenty of options to keep your garden in the pink of health, it is interesting to know that having colonies of ants in your garden can also work wonders for its overall well-being. Thus ant care experts always recommend to pave the way for ants especially in the garden. The points listed below are four ways that ants are beneficial for you and your garden.

Allow the Soil to Breathe

Ants are tiny in size, but they can be really helpful when it comes to joining hands with you for gardening. Ants live in burrows, and hence they dig into the soil. When they reside in your garden, they start digging a number of channels in the soil that ultimately allow better penetration of air and water, making these necessities available to the roots of the plants. Ants thus make things easier and faster for you and your garden.

Add to the Fertilizers

Ants generally feed upon dead and decayed matter. Thus they often carry rotten leaves or dead insects from one place to another. This adds a lot of organic nutrients to the soil, making it enriched and fertile. Thus keeping ants in your garden will enhance the fertility of the soil naturally and free of cost.

Facilitate Seed Dispersal

The evolution of flora and fauna, since the very beginning of life on earth, is greatly indebted to ants. This is due to the fact that these tiny, industrious creatures strive to gather their own food. Ant care experts point out that there are plenty of benefits to letting them stay in your garden, as ants feed on almost everything, ranging from seeds and fruits to other insects. In the process of gathering food, they help in the dispersal of seeds from one corner of your garden to another and facilitate pollination among flowering plants.

Protect Plants From Predators

Ants are predators, and they often fight battles with other species to secure food and shelter. This makes them even more useful for your garden, because they help keep several harmful species of insects away from your garden. Ant care experts suggest that this is a symbiotic relationship, where your garden is protected by ants that keep the attacking pests away, while they also benefit because these pests serve as delicious treats for ants.