There are various type of formicarium or an artificial ant colony available in the market. The most important thing you need in the beginning is the kit and proper plan. An ant colony should be created with the same enthusiasm that you apply for creating the aquarium or a reptile vivarium at home to maintain these creatures as pets.

It may be question why you should use ants as pets. The answer may be the same if it would have been asked for your beloved gecko. The same reason you make a gecko a pet, it may be the same for ants. However, as ants can find their way out to anywhere at your home, you need to maintain the enclosure properly.

It is better to keep the formicarium thin and long. It will help you to see their movements over the line. At the same time, you can control their movements as well. It is you who should control the movements of the ants and ensure that they do not spread elsewhere. You should know that the process of ant care is neither new nor a common trend. It started all the way back in 1929. Since that time, several types of formicarium had been manufactured to mesmerize the viewers. It can truly make the onlookers awestruck if you properly maintain them.


If you want to build the ant farm, you may take the help of the online videos then. Otherwise, it will be wise to use the ant-farms from Uncle Milton’s. There are various types of ant farm that you can use. They appear as useful and as a good showpiece also.

If you plan to build your own ant farm, you need to create it properly so that you can make the ants live there. Also, at times you should release some ants to enhance the population of the colony. Here is how you make an ant farm –

1.Use empty CD boxes or other plastic containers

2.Seal the most of the part with soil

3.Cut the holes and use a wire to create space for ants’ movements

4. Put small plants like grass on the soil and use droppers to water them

5.Release the ants there

Certainly, while doing it, you need to remember that you have properly created holes on the covers so that you can water the plants and air circulation is secured. You can also use some designer small materials to enhance the appearance of the ant farm.

Taking ant care is not hard but neither easy too. Most of the people ignore these little creatures and in the open, they find their own food. However, while you create a farm for them, ensure that it appears like a showpiece and the ants can properly utilize the place you have built for them. The size of the farm in regard to the ants matter most. Here is how you should take ant care in an ant farm –

1. Ants live for a maximum period of six months. Therefore, you need to remove the dead ants from the farm regularly and timely put some new ants inside to help them reproduce.

2. In order to make the ants properly captivated, place them in the refrigerator for 5 to 15 minutes; this will calm them during the transition and avoid escapees.

3. Use sugar to feed the ants and small amount of water on the soil. How much sugar and water you will apply should depend on the size of the colony.

4. It is important for proper ant care to maintain the temperature of the farm. The temperature should not rise over 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and direct contact to the sunlight for the underground tunnels can disrupt their life cycle.