ant care


Having an ant colony can be a great experience. It can be fun as well as educational. However, to build an ant colony you need to know a lot of things about ants and their behavior.


Given below are some questions that people frequently ask about ant care.

 How can I start an ant colony?

 For beginners, collecting or purchasing worker ants from a matured colony can provide needed experience with ant care. If you have some experience with an ant farm of worker ants, the next great venture is to start with a queen ant. However, you need to capture the queen right after it has mated or find an ant farmer that can offer such a beast for sale. This is the most important first step. This ant is the seed that will grow a whole new colony.


Is it okay to mix ant species?

 Two ant species will automatically see each other as rivals and fight to the death! Ants identify each other by their scent and if they find ants from different colony on their turf, it means war!


Where should I keep the ants?

 It is important to keep the queen ant in a test tube right after capturing it. Once the queen gets to produce workers, you can finally settle them in a setup. An ant setup has two units that stay attached in a test tube. Make sure to buy high quality formicarium from a well-known shop. Formicaria parts suppliers can also provide information on the ideal temperature, humidity, and food sources for various species of ants.


How can I prevent escaping?

 A wondrous curiosity could quickly become a nightmare if your colony escapes! There are several ways to prevent this from happening. Usually people use Vaseline to seal the outer door and other crevices of the colony confinement.

 This is a vast subject and you need to keep digging to find information about ant colonies and their care. The next thing to do is to get in touch with someone who has done it before. As you and your kids, friends, and neighbors watch an ant colony grow into a thriving antropolis, it can be delightful and educational.